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Title Il trionfo del Giappone opera di Michele Colomera gesuita recitata nel mese di febraro nell'anno 1628 in Lecce
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Date 1628-02
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Place of origin Lecce
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Language ita
Source APUG 1293, cc. 177-228
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Bibliographic level Manuscript
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Transcription 177r 177v 178r 178v 179r 179v 180r 180v 181r 181v 182r 182v 183r 183v 184r 184v 185r 185v 186r 186v 187r 187v 188r 188v 189r 189v 190r 190v 191r 191v 192r 192v 193r 193v 194r 194v 195r 195v 196r 196v 197r 197v 198r 198v 199r 199v 200r 200v 201r 201v 202r 202v 203r 203v 204r 204v 205r 205v 206r 206v 207r 207v 208r 208v 209r 209v 210r 210v 211r 211v 212r 212v 213r 213v 214r 214v 215r 215v 216r 216v 217r 217v 218r 218v 219r 219v 220r 220v 221r 221v 222r 222v 223r 223v 224r 224v 225r 225v 226r 226v 227r 227v 228r 228v
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