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Monumenta: constructing history is an editorial project in which scholars and GATE users publish contributions about the documentation edited within the Monumenta. These contributions will include articles about people and historical issues and events that are observed in the documents. An example of this will be the biografemi: this term comes from the French biographème,[1] a word coined by Roland Barthes and used in his work about Sade, Fourier and Loyola.[2] The term indicates a kind of biographical (or auto-biographical) text, in which only few moments of a life are described; models of this narrative are the images produced by photography, that are able to describe only particular moments of a life or an event. This approach implies, of course, a wide subjectivity to choose the focal moments of men's and women's life, but underlines also the unavoidable participation of the subject (the biographer or the historian) with the 'object' of his/her inquiry. Biographies or even auto-biographies pretend otherwise to be objective and impartial, when the point of view is always present during the writing process of any biographical text, starting from the selection of sources.

Considering these preconditions, biografemi and other articles collected within the Monumenta: constructing history are by no means intended as exhaustive or encyclopedic, but only functional to the understanding of the society that produced the documents published in the GATE Monumenta.

Some information about the editorial project

The Monumenta: constructing history is a publication promoted on GATE thanks to the support of the publisher GB Press.[3] To cite the whole project you can use the following bibliographic information:

Specific information for each entry can be retrieved at the bottom of their pages.
All the entries of the Monumenta: constructing history can be recognized thanks to the presence of the symbol Emojione BW 1F4D1.svg, put at the top and at the bottom of each entry; in addition, at the bottom of each entry there are also links to the author's page, to bibliographic information and to download a PDF of the entry (experimental). See the bottom of this page for an example.

All the entries of the Monumenta: constructing history are reviewed and approved by the GATE editorial board.

Available contributions


  1. Tullio De Mauro, Dizionarietto di parole del futuro, Roma-Bari, Laterza, 2006, ad vocem.
  2. Roland Barthes, Sade, Fourier, Loyola; Lezione, Torino, Einaudi, 2001, p. XXVII. This work was originally published in French in 1977.

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