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Pierre Favre (1506-1546).
Pierre Favre (1506-1546) was one of the first of Ignatius of Loyola's companions and the first Jesuit ordained priests. He the is author of a famous Memoriale, a spiritual text first published in 1873, one year after his beatification by pope Pius IX.[1]

During the 20th century, many editions and translations of the Memoriale were published.[2] Most of these publications have been based on the critical edition of the text published within the Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu in 1914.[3] Since that year, other manuscripts containing the Memoriale have been discovered. A more recent survey of them was done by Michel de Certeau, who in 1960 recorded 15 manuscripts of the Memoriale and for the first time tried to build a stemma codicum.[4]

In 2018, more than 50 years after the de Certeau's work, a previously unknown manuscript of the Memoriale was discovered in the Historical Archives of the Pontifical Gregorian University (shelf-number FC 1042). This manuscript seems to be a very old testimony of the Memoriale and, above all, is one of the few manuscripts containing the whole text.

With the Pierre Favre collection, our aim is to produce a digital edition of the manuscript FC 1042. A digital reproduction of the manuscript has been made and uploaded to GATE: it is available at this link.
A full transcription of the manuscript is available: the text has been collated with the canonical one - published in 1914 in the Monumenta Historica Societatis Iesu - in order to highlight all the variants. During this work, a critical commentary was added to the transcription.
This project is also intended as a chance to create a permanent Pierre Favre 'workshop', to gain a deeper insight into his works and time. For this reason, we have also set up a Pierre Favre bibliography, where all the publications about him will be recorded: the bibliography will become the starting point for any future research about Favre and his Memoriale.

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  1. In 1873 a Latin and an Italian translation of the Memoriale were published: Memoriale beati Petri Fabri primi S. Ignatii de Loyola alumni nunc primum in lucem editum a P. Marcello Bouix, Lutetiae Parisiorum, typis Alberti Gauthier-Villars, 1873; Giuseppe Boero, Vita del beato Pietro Fabro della Compagnia di Gesù primo compagno di Sant’Ignazio di Loyola, Roma, Tipografia e libreria di Roma del Cav. Alessandro Befani, 1873. In the next year a French translation was published too: Mémorial du bienheureux Pierre Lefèvre, premier compagnon de S. Ignace de Loyola. Publié pour la première fois en son texte latin et traduit en français, par le P. Marcel Bouix, Paris, Imprimerie Gauthier-Villars, 1874.
  2. For more information about these publications see the Pierre Favre/Bibliography.
  3. Beati Petri Fabri epistolae, memoriale et processus ex autographis aut archetypis potissimum deprompta, Matriti, typis Gabrielis Lopez Del Horno, 1914.
  4. See Michel de Certeau, Le texte du “Memorial” de Favre, ‘Revue d’ascetique et de mystique, 36 (1960), pp. 343-349; a reproduction of the stemma codicum is available here. de Certeau also published a new French translation of the Memoriale: Pierre Favre, Mémorial, traduit et commenté par Michel de Certeau, Paris, Desclée De Brower, 1959.