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Title Notizie circa la Galleria del Collegio Romano
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Source APUG 35 VII (c)
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Abstract Atributed title: Storia del Museo Kircheriano scritta dal p. Filippo Bonanni Sj +1725

As pointed by Alberto Bartola 2004 (footnote 69, p. 310), this is the autograph draft of a report sent by Fr. Bonanni to the Superior General of the SJ, of which the final version is preserved at ARSI, Rom. 138, f. 172r-189v. The short letter that introduced the final manuscript (ARSI, Rom. 138, f. 170r-171v) states that the "notizie" have been registered in order to be shown to the Assistants and Secretary of the Jesuit Curia; after approval, a copy would also be sent to Cardinal Giovanni Battista Tolomei, S.J., who had been involved in the latest developments of the museum, as described in the document.

APUG 895, f. 84r-101v is a calligraphic copy of the document with minor differences from APUG 35 VII (c) and a few interventions in a hand similar to that of the draft. It is most likely an intermediate version between the draft and the copy preserved at ARSI.

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