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The Historical Archives of the Pontifical Gregorian University (henceforth APUG) preserve a huge corpus of documents related to Roberto Bellarmino, starting from several of his autographs, passing through many papers about his canonization cause (lasted for three centuries) and arriving to the draft papers of the editions of his works prepared at the end of 19th century.
Recalling the tradition of Monumenta, within Monumenta Bellarmini we want to collect and publish all this documenation. We will start transcribing, commenting and annotating all the letters contained within the Epistolae Bellarmini Cardinalis collection; a selection of Bellarmino's works, both printed and manuscript, will be also transcribed. In addition, we have set up the Bibliographia Bellarminiana, a useful tool for Bellarmino scholars that today records 117 bibliographic entries.

Epistolae Bellarmini Cardinalis Works Bibliographia Bellarminiana

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We would like to thank Daniel Benvenuti for his help in digitizing and uploading the Epistolae Bellarmini Cardinalis collection.