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Findlen, Paula (ed.). Athanasius Kircher : The Last Man Who Knew Everything. (2004).

Name(s) Findlen, Paula (ed.)
Title Athanasius Kircher : The Last Man Who Knew Everything
Place of printing
Year 2004
Language(s) eng
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Bibliographic level Monography
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Keyword(s) Plague (1656); Scrutinium pestis; Portrait of Kircher; Podromus Coptus sive Aegyptiacus; Coptic; Kabbalah; Oedipus Aegyptiacus; Hieroglyphics; Chronology; Iter extaticum; Cosmology; Astronomy; Paleontology; Geography; Magnetism; Languages; Machines; Science; Circulation of Kircher's books; Exotism; Jesuit erudites; Christophorus Clavius; Jesuit global network; Republic of Letters; China illustrata; Polygraphia nova; Kaspar Schott
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p. 1 Paula Findlen, Introduction. Athanasius Kircher, S.J. (1602-80) and His World
p. 51 Eugenio Lo Sardo, Kircher's Rome
p. 63 Martha Baldwin, Reverie in time of Plague: Athanasius Kircher and the Plague Epidemic of 1656
p. 79 Harald Siebert, Kircher and His Critics: Censorial Practice and Pragmatic Disregard in the Society of Jesus
p. 105 Angela Mayer-Deutsch, 'Quasi-Optical Palingenesis': The Circulation of Portraits and the Image of Kircher
p. 133 Peter N.Miller, Copts and Scholars: Athanasius Kircher in Peiresc's Republic of Letters
p. 149 Daniel Stolzenberg, Four Trees, Some Amulets, and the Seventy-two Names of God: Kircher Reveals the Kabbalah
p. 171 Anthony Grafton, Kircher's Chronology
p. 191 Ingrid D. Rowland Athanasius Kircher, Giordano Bruno, and the "Panspermia" of the Infinite Universe
p. 207 Stephen Jay Gould, Father Athanasius on the Isthmus of Middle State: Understandig Kircher's Paleontology
p. 239 Michael John Gorman, The Angel and the Compass: Athanasius Kircher's Magnetic Geography
p. 263 Haun Saussy, Magnetic Language: Athanasius Kircher and Communication
p. 283 Nick Wilding, Publishing the Poligraphy: Manuscript, Instrument and Print in the Work of Athanasius Kircher
p. 297 Noel Malcolm, Private and Public Knowledge: Kircher, Esotericism, and the Republic of Letters
p. 311 Carlos Ziller Camienietzki, Baroque Science between the Old and the New World: Father Kircher and His Colleague Valentin Stansel
p. 329 Paula Findlen, A Jesuit's Books in the New World: Athanasius Kircher and His American Readers
p. 365 J.Michelle Molina, True Lies: Athanasius Kircher's "China illustrata" and the Life Story of a Mexican Mystic
p. 383 Florence Hsia, Athanasius Kircher's "China Illustrata" (1667) An Apologia Pro Vita Sua
p. 405 Antonella Romano, Epilogue: Understanding Kircher in Context
p. 421 Bibliography
p. 447 Notes on Contributors
p. 451 Index