Angelo Secchi Correspondence


This is the home page of the Angelo Secchi correspondence project. The about 8,000 letters of these correspondence are preserved by the Historical Archives of the Pontifical Gregorian University. Each letter will be transcribed, commented and annotated with the help of GATE contributors. Annotation allows to univocally identify entities cited within the texts, such as names, places, works and so on; entities will have a dedicated page where users can acquire information about them.

In this page you can search the full-text of the letters and the correspondence metadata.

If you want to collaborate to the Angelo Secchi Correspondence transcription project, you should ask for an account by using this form. We will create a username associated to your email address; then you will receive an email with a temporary random password that will allow you to log in GATE.

Full-text search

To search within the Angelo Secchi correspondence, use the following search module. Do not delete the preloaded text since it is necessary to limit the search to the Secchi correspondence; add your search term after the preloaded text.

Metadata search

Today, the database contains metadata of 570 of about 8,000 letters.

On this page you can see the transcribed letters.

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