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{{AKC Bibliography entries
{{AKC Bibliography entries
|Name(s)=Hsia, Florence
|Name(s)=Hsia, Florence

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Hsia, Florence. Athanasius Kircher's "China Illustrata" (1667) An Apologia Pro Vita Sua. (2004).

Name(s) Hsia, Florence
Title Athanasius Kircher's "China Illustrata" (1667) An Apologia Pro Vita Sua
Place of printing
Year 2004
Language(s) eng
Contained in Findlen, Paula (ed.), Athanasius Kircher : the last man who knew everything
Bibliographic level Book chapter
Catalogue description http://oseegenius.unigre.it/pug/resource?uri=358305&v=l
Key Concept(s)
Keyword(s) Republic of Letters; Jesuit global network; Exoticism; China illustrata
Cited in