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{{AKC Bibliography entries
{{AKC Bibliography entries
|Name(s)=Fletcher, John E.
|Name(s)=Fletcher, John E.
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Fletcher, John E.. Georg Philipp Harsdöffer, Nürnberg, und Athanasius Kircher. (1972).

Name(s) Fletcher, John E.
Title Georg Philipp Harsdöffer, Nürnberg, und Athanasius Kircher
Place of printing
Year 1972
Language(s) ger
Contained in Mitteilungen d. Ver. f. Gesch. d. Stadt Nürnberg, 59 (1972), pp. 203-210
Bibliographic level Paper in journal
Catalogue description
Key Concept(s)
Cited in
Digitization http://tinyurl.com/leu2f49