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{{AKC Bibliography entries
{{AKC Bibliography entries
|Name(s)=Eco, Umberto
|Name(s)=Eco, Umberto

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Eco, Umberto. Perché Kircher?. (1999).

Name(s) Eco, Umberto
Title Perché Kircher?
Place of printing
Year 1999
Language(s) ita
Contained in Lo Sardo, Eugenio (ed.) Iconismi e Mirabilia da Athanius Kircher, p. VII
Bibliographic level Book chapter
Catalogue description http://oseegenius.unigre.it/resource?uri=318352
Key Concept(s)
Keyword(s) Universal knowledge
Cited in
Digitization http://tinyurl.com/n6nngqa