Template:Progress bar


Use as follows:

{{Progress_bar|<numeric value>|total=<numeric value>}}



gives this:

7% completed


Instead of numeric values, it is also possible to insert variables. E.g.:

{{Progress_bar|{{formatnum:{{PAGESINCATEGORY:EBC Proofread|all}}|R}}|total={{formatnum:{{PAGESINCATEGORY:EBC Letters|all}}|R}}}}

gives this:

55.2% completed


Other configurable parameters:

  • height =
  • width = defaults to 75%
  • text = message to display after %; defaults to: completed (estimate)
  • total = amount to use as the denominator (instead of 100), allows the template to compute the percentage on the fly
  • header = no (or any value other than "yes", which is the default) suppresses the display of the percentage on the top line