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Author or sender Roberto Bellarmino
Recipient Silvio Antoniano
Certain date 1603-03-07
Place of origin Capua
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Language ita
Source ARSI, Archivio della Postulazione Generale (Santi), 495, no folio number
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Multiple manuscript copies, all addressed to Cardinal Antoniano, most of them partial: Roma, ARSI, Archivio della Postulazione Generale (Santi), 495, no folio number.
Two copies only provide the first paragraph (explicit: 'Sed haec satis de jocis.'); one is introduced as 'Ex autographo Servi Dei ad Cardinalem Antonianum penes Archivium Domus professae Romanum.' One partial copy starts at the second paragraph. The only full copy divides the letter in two. Potentially, the result is two letters merged together.

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