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Sender Filippo Libertozzi
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Recipient Athanasius Kircher
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Date 1670-01-23
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Place of origin Goa
Place of destination Roma
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Source APUG, Ms. 560, f. 82r-85v
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Bibliographic level Manuscript
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Abstract The Jesuit missionary Filippo Libertozzi gives a thorough account of their journey by sea from Lisbon to Goa, passing by the Canary Islands, Moçambique, the island of Socotra, the coast of Arabia Felix, and Persia (departure: April 22nd, 1668; arrival: March 30th, 1669). Libertozzi briefly informs of his activities in Goa; he promises to send books printed in the local languages, a detailed descriptions of the things observed on the land and at sea, and of the customs of the region, and curiosities such as cobra stones and asbestos from Malabar. He refers to the most recent annual letters sent to the Portuguese Assistancy for more information. Libertozzi reports on Father Sebastião de Almeida's intention to send an account to Kircher; on Father Grimaldo's shipwreck near Malaca; on Fater Mucciarelli's mission in Maiçor [Mysore]; of Father Azzi, Aynỹ, Fieschi etc in Macau; of the expulsion of the Chinese Nicolaos Fonseca; and of the passing of Father Henrich Roth in Agra the previous year, mentioned in an annual letter from Mogor which was translated to Italian by Libertozzi himself and sent to the Father General.
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