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Evelyn, John. The diary of John Evelyn. (1901).

Name(s) Evelyn, John
Title The diary of John Evelyn
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Year 1901
Language(s) eng
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Keyword(s) Diary; Travel journal; Athanasius Kircher; Roman College; Kircherian Museum
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Edited by William Bray.
Evelyn meets Kircher at the Roman College on two occasions, during the month of November, 1644.

On November 8th: Father Kircher (professor of Mathematics and the oriental tongues) showed us many singular courtesies, leading us into their refectory, dispensatory, laboratory, gardens, and finally (through a hall hung round with pictures of such of their order as had been executed for their pragmatical and busy adventures) into his own study, where, with Dutch patience, he showed us his perpetual motions, catoptrics, magnetical experiments, models, and a thousand other crotchets and devices, most of them since published by himself, or his industrious scholar, Schotti.(vol. 1, p. 105-106)

On November 23rd: I went to the Jesuits' College again, the front whereof gives place to few for its architecture, most of its ornaments being of rich marble. It has within a noble portico and court, sustained by stately columns, as is the corridor over the portico, at the sides of which are the schools for arts and sciences, which are here taught as at the University. Here I heard Father Athanasius Kircher upon a part of Euclid, which he expounded. [...] (vol. 1, p. 130)