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Lelková, Iva. Philipp Jacob Sachs von Lewenheimb (1627-1672) and his role within intellectual networks of the Czech Lands. (2012).

Name(s) Lelková, Iva
Title Philipp Jacob Sachs von Lewenheimb (1627-1672) and his role within intellectual networks of the Czech Lands
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Year 2012
Language(s) eng
Contained in Acta Comeniana (International review of Comenius studies and early modern intellectual history), 26 (2012), 121-140
Bibliographic level Paper in journal
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The paper documents the situation of Early Modern scholarship in the Czech Lands through a study of the relatively unknown correspondence of the Breslau physician, member of the Academia naturae curiosorum and chief editor of its journal Miscellanea curiosa Philipp Jakob Sachs von Lewenheimb and the Jesuit polymath Athanasius Kircher with correspondents in the Czech Lands. The intersections of the predominantly Catholic correspondence network of the Jesuit Athanasius Kircher with the mainly Protestant specialist correspondence network of the physician Philipp Jakob Sachs von Lewenheimb appear exceptionally interesting and provide information about often less well-known personalities and practices which facilitated the flow of information between individual parts of Europe, denominations and social groups around the middle of the seventeenth century. The article also illustrates how the genre of " observationes" and the emergence of scientific journals generally propelled scholarly correspondence not only in the Central European area, and what role was played by professional groups, whether of physicians, printers or others, in mediating information between the Catholic and Protestant parts of Europe.


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