Amsterdam is a place which could occur on GATE as: place of origin in letters, place of destination in letters, printing place in publications, keyword in bibliography entries, cited place within documents transcriptions. This page provides data for each one of these possibilities; to get more information on the results, click on the values of the Page column.

Place of origin in letters

Amsterdam doesn't occur in this query.

Place of destination in letters

Printing place in publications

AKC Works 013Petrucci, GiuseffoProdromo apologetico alli studi chircheriani1677
AKC Works 016Kircher, AthanasiusMundus Subterraneus in 12. libros digestus: editio tertia 1678
AKC Works 017Kestler, Johann StephanPsicologia Kircheriana Experimentalis1680
AKC Works 032de Sepibus, Georgius,Kircher, AthanasiusRomani Collegii Societatis Jesu Musaeum Celeberrimum1678

Cited place in documents transcriptions

Keyword in bibliography entries

Amsterdam doesn't occur in this query.