AKC Works 005

Name(s) Kircher, Athanasius
Title Scripturae mirabilis et toto oriente celebratissimae in monte sinai rupi cuidam incisae INTERPRETATIO NOVA ET ANTE HAC a nemine adhuc enotata
Place of printing
Year 1636
Language(s) lat
Bibliographic level Manuscript
Discursive form
Other physical information
Catalogue description
Modern edition
Cited in AHSI 162 783
Digitization No
Digitization link
Transcription No
Transcription page
Transcription progress

Fletcher in AHSI 162 783, p. 567, describes the item as a five quarto sides in Kircher's hand, no corrections, dated April 1636 and addressed to Cardinal Francesco Barberini - Bibl. Nat. Fonds français, n.a. 10638, f. 18. A similar document is preserved in the Vatican Archives, Vat. Int. 10486, f. 9.