AKC Works 002

Name(s) Kircher, Athanasius
Title Vita Athanasii Kircheri Soc. Jesu
Place of printing
Year 1682
Language(s) lat
Bibliographic level Manuscript
Discursive form
Other physical information
Catalogue description
Modern edition AHSI 160 846, AHSI 162 780, AHSI 162 783
Cited in
Digitization No
Digitization link
Transcription No
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Transcription progress

Fletcher in AHSI 162 783, p. 567, describes the item as the Jesuits's autobiography as copied by P. Conrad Holtgrev on 7 September 1682, in Rome, and presented to Christian von Plettenberg in Paderborn, Bibliothèque Nationale, Paris - Ms. Fonds Latin. Nouv. Acquis. 216.