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posted 13 days ago

Grazie mille, Lorenzo!

That tag will work perfectly for what I need!

Bolsonaro's popularity is declining considerably, but there is a group of very steady and loyal, not to say fanatic supporters who can cause a lot of trouble before next elections, in the end of 2022. Yesterday, after I wrote you, the commanders of the Army, Navy and Aeronautics all resigned/were fired at the same time - which is a first in our history. Silver lining is it probably means that whatever Bolsonaro was trying to pull off, they did not condone. The democratic experience in Brazil is quite recent - only since the late 1980's - so we can't count on the assurance of a well-established political structure. There's a lot of uncertainties, which can be exhausting to deal with, and being in the Humanities it's especially difficult to just ignore everything.

Anyways, sorry for the heavy topic! On a lighter note, it's almost Easter, and I'll be trying some different dishes this time, including tiramisù! =) Buona settimana! Auguri di buona pasqua!

posted 14 days ago

Buongiorno, Lorenzo!

Regarding the not-annotated documents, it's just that transcribing and annotating are two different activities, and I noticed that I had finished transcribing some documents which I didn't annotate. It would just be easier to find these with a tag of some sorts, so I can come back to them when I have time. But so far it's manageable as it is, since I haven't worked on that many documents!

Regarding Brazil, so many things happened yesterday evening, I'm just very apprehensive! Bolsonaro changed many ministers that were not acting as he pleased (as in "they were respecting the laws and being minimally sensible"). April 1st is the date of the coup d'etat that lead to the military dictatorship in 1964 - and as Bolsonaro has openly declared support for the military regime many, many times, there is always the risk that he will try *something*... I hope it's nothing and we can just go back to mourning the 3000 daily deaths and being angry about the lack of vaccines...

anyways, thanks for the answer! Hope spring is cheerful!

posted 27 days ago

Thank you so much for the tips regarding the document at the Biblioteca Nazionale Centrale! I added it to my (infinite) to-do list.

If you happen to find the file on your computer, I'd be thrilled! But please don't lose your sleep over it. =) A dopo!

posted 85 days ago

Bom dia, Lorenzo! (Now it's probably pomeriggio in Italy, but still morning in Brazil). The situation in Brazil has been quite unstable since 2016, when Dilma was deposed, but Bolsonaro has a talent for making everything incredibly worse! ahahahah [we laugh to try to keep sanity] Good news is that the responsible national agency finally approved two vaccines for emergency use, one of which is being produced in Brazil! [Bad news is that the government still doesn't have a real plan to to carry out the vaccination]

About the article, the questions were things that I at least wanted to consider in the article. The thing is that I feel I don't have total control when I'm writing, so I never know beforehand what will make to the final cut! Some of the information you gave me have been incorporated and should probably remain in the final text (I had to study the official norms for referencing emails and other kind of private communication, which I think will be useful in all future academic writing, so it was nice!).

One last thing about the images of the docs: is there a specific formula for crediting APUG?

Grazie! A dopo!

posted 159 days ago

the image of [ https://gate.unigre.it/mediawiki/index.php/Page:AKC_1654_08_03_567-188.pdf/1 ] is present in the full volume pdf of APUG 567 and is quite 'readable'. It also has two numbers - 187 in pencil and 188 as the oficial register number.

I'll send you the bibliography of the course by email =)

posted 271 days ago

wiki community is the best community!

posted 680 days ago

Hi Carolina,
no, I didn't write you any messages because I was not sure you already did your first login. Anyway, yes, just click on one of the links I sent you and then click on edit.
When you have questions about anything, please send me a link so I can see with my own eyes (you can copy and paste it here); or you can use the Discussion page attached to any page on GATE, by clicking the red link 'Discussion', adding a new topic and citing me within the text, using the following syntax [[User:Lorenzo Mancini]].
Let me know how are things! Best wishes,