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[[Page:AKC 1667 APUG555 63-64.pdf/1|63r]]
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[[Category:AKC_Letters by Facchinetti, Cesare]]
[[Category:AKC_Letters to Kircher, Athanasius]]
[[Category:AKC_Letters from Spoleto]]
[[Category:AKC_Letters to Spoleto]]
[[Category:AKC_Letters in Latin]]
[[Category:Letters by Facchinetti, Cesare]]
[[Category:Letters to Kircher, Athanasius]]
[[Category:Letters from Spoleto]]
[[Category:Letters to Roma]]
[[Category:Letters in Italian]]
[[Category:AKC_to transcribe]]

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Sender Cesare Facchinetti
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Recipient Athanasius Kircher
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Date 1667-02-19
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Place of origin Spoleto
Place of destination Roma
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Language ita
Source APUG 555, cc. 63r-64v
Number of leaves 2
Bibliographic level Manuscript
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Progress  To be proofread
Transcription 63r

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