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[[Page:AKC 1652 APUG561 277.pdf/1|277r]]
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[[Page:AKC 1652 APUG561 277.pdf/2|277v]]

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Sender Gaspar Schott
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Recipient Athanasius Kircher
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Date 1652-08-18
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Place of origin Palermo
Place of destination Roma
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Language it
Source APUG 561, 277r-v
Number of leaves 1
Bibliographic level manuscript"manuscript" is not in the list (Monography, Exhibition catalogue, Paper in journal, Paper in conference proceedings, Conference proceedings, Encyclopedia or dictionary article, Dissertation or thesis, Book chapter, Exhibition catalogue contribution, Review in journal, ...) of allowed values for the "Has bibliographic level" property.
Document type Autograph
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Published in AKC_Bibliography_0001
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Progress  To be proofread
Transcription 277r


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