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Recalling the tradition of the Monumenta meant as the publication of sources, these Monumenta contain the entire manuscript and printed production of several jesuits or related to a specific subject. Read more

Collections are groups of documents or resources related to a subject or to a single author. A collection is composed only by documents preserved by APUG, usually unpublished, without an aim of completeness. Read more


New special project in Monumenta Bellarmini: L'Index haereticorum di Roberto Bellarmino: un progetto in collaborazione con l'Universidad Católica de Córdoba. Thanks to f. José L. Narvaja collaboration the text of the unpublished Bellarmine's Index haereticorum is now available on GATE.


New collection available! A collection dedicated to Giuseppe Gianfranceschi - jesuit, scientist and former rector of the Pontifical Gregorian University - has been opened. At the moment it includes four sections: La spedizione polare, Radio Vaticana, ASCI, Accademia.