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Title A Study of the Life and Works of Athanasius Kircher, "Germanus Incredibilis". With a selection of his unpublished correspondence and an annotated translation of his autobiography.
Place of printing
Year 2011
Language(s) eng
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Bibliographic level Monography
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p. 3 A Biographical Sketch
p. 68 The Hieroglyph Enigma
p. 88 Music in all its Forms and Guises
p. 105 The Revelation of the Microscope
p. 129 The Scientist before Rational Science
p. 181 A Love for Antiquities
p. 195 Kircher's Correspondence
p. 197 Letters from Persons of Quality
p. 216 Letters from Fellow Jesuits
p. 257 Letters from Contemporary Men of Science
p. 293 Letters from Humanists and Antiquarians
p. 315 Letters from Correspondents of Long Standing
p. 343 Letters from German Literary Figures
p. 391 Letters Written by Kircher
p. 419 Other Kircherian Letters
p. 445 Printed Letters from and to Kircher
p. 461 Introduction
p. 466 "Vita"
p. 553 Appendix Publications of John Fletcher
p. 565 Bibliography
p. 601 Index