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{{AKC Bibliography entries
{{AKC Bibliography entries
|Name(s)=Breidbach, Olaf
|Name(s)=Breidbach, Olaf
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See also [[AHSI 160 830]].
See also [[AHSI 160 830]].

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Breidbach, Olaf. On the Representation of Knowledge in Athanasius Kircher. (2005).

Name(s) Breidbach, Olaf
Title On the Representation of Knowledge in Athanasius Kircher
Place of printing
Year 2005
Language(s) eng
Contained in Schramm, Helmar, Ludger Schwarte, Jan Lazardzig (eds.), Collection, Laboratory, Theater. Scenes of Knowledge in the 17th Century, Berlin, Walter De Gruyter, 2005, pp. 283-302.
Bibliographic level Monography
Catalogue description http://id.sbn.it/bid/UBO2978011
Key Concept(s)
Cited in

See also AHSI 160 830.