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{{AKC Bibliography entries
{{AKC Bibliography entries
|Name=Lo Sardo, Eugenio (ed.)
|Name(s)=Lo Sardo, Eugenio (ed.)
|Title=<I>Iconismi e mirabilia da Athanasius Kircher</i>
|Title=<I>Iconismi e mirabilia da Athanasius Kircher</i>

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Lo Sardo, Eugenio (ed.). Iconismi e mirabilia da Athanasius Kircher. (1999).

Name(s) Lo Sardo, Eugenio (ed.)
Title Iconismi e mirabilia da Athanasius Kircher
Place of printing
Year 1999
Language(s) ita
Contained in
Bibliographic level Monography
Catalogue description http://oseegenius.unigre.it/pug/resource?uri=318352
Key Concept(s)
Keyword(s) Universal knowledge, Languages, Music, Machines,
Cited in


p. VII Eco, Umberto, Perché Kircher?
p. 1 Lo Sardo, Eugenio, Le macchine cortigiane
p. 63 Vlad, Roman, Kircher sapiente musicologo
p. 69 Sonnino, Maurizio, Il latino di Kircher
p. 73 Iconismi: Ars magna lucis et umbrae
p. 135 Iconismi: De arte magnetica
p. 161 Iconismi: Musurgia universalis
p. 201 Iconismi: Phonurgia nova
p. 227 English versions