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<span style="color:Blue">{{Smallcaps|Athanasius}} <i>Ad Afros</i></span>
<span style="color:Blue">{{Smallcaps|Athanasius}} <i>Ad Afros</i></span>

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Athanasius Ad Afros
Athanasius Alexandrinus: Epistola ad Afros episcopos (PG 26), Paris 1857, 1029-1048.

Athanasius Aduersus Arianos
Athanasius Alexandrinus: Aduersus Arianos orationes quatuor (PG 26), Paris 1857, 12-525.

Athanasius Pro fuga
Athanasius Alexandrinus: Apologia pro fuga sua, ed. Jan M. Szymusiak: Athanase d'Alexandrie, Deux Apologies: A l'Empereur Constance - Pour sa fuite (SChr 56 bis), Paris 1987, 176-244.

Athanasius De synodis
Athanasius Alexandrinus: Epistola de synodis Arimini in Italia et Seleuciae in Isauria celebratis (PG 26), Paris 1857, 681-792.

(Ps.)-Athanasius De virginitate
(Ps.)-Athanasius Alexandrinus: De virginitate sive de ascesi (PG 28), Paris 1857, 251-281.

Athanasius Vita Antonii
Athanasius Alexandrinus: Vita Antonii, ed. G. J. M. Bartelink: Athanase d'Alexandrie, Vie d'Antoine (SChr 400), Paris 1994.